“We run an online learning site and Kate was tremendously helpful with editing our content.”

She went past just simple spelling & grammar fixes and took the time to understand the technical concepts we were teaching to rewrite entire paragraphs to flow better. She's the most technical editor I've worked with and whatever we threw at her (Git, Docker, etc.). We worked with Kate for over 4 months and she had a big impact on the quality of the learning experience on our site. Thanks Kate!

— S.K.

“Kate organized and edited our technical assembly and user manuals into something legible and easy to understand.”

It was a real bonus that she was already familiar with using github's wiki. Thanks, Kate!

— T.B.

“Always a pleasure to work with Kate.”

I always enjoy working with Kate, she is incredibly professional and her results are always top notch. I also appreciate that she doesn't let anything slide in the technical documentation that she organized and cleaned up for us...no stone was left unturned!

— T.B.

“Kate is a talented, knowledgeable writer capable of creating interesting, well written content.”

Her expertise in writing about scientific topics has made her a great asset to my website. I highly recommend her and would definitely hire her again.

— M.F.

As a new startup magazine, we took a risk working with an editor from Upworks. However, Kate is a real pro and we will be working with her frequently in the near future! Highly recommend!

— T.W.